Lockdown Knockout live remote event to return for recurve archers in June

World Archery will return with its successful Lockdown Knockout remote international event in June, this time with recurve archers.

The concept was launched in May with a compound competition. It generated more than 4.5 million impressions on social media and record engagement. It was also featured on national television news in countries including Colombia, the Netherlands and Japan.

Eight world-class recurve archers will be invited to compete from their own homes and ranges for next month’s tournament. It will begin with a qualification period on 5-8 June with matches following on 13-21 June.

As with the compound event, the four men will occupy one side of the bracket and the four women will take part in the other. The final will be between a man and a woman.

The winner will receive 1000 CHF and the runner-up 500 CHF in prize money.

Colombia’s Sara Lopez beat Anders Faugstad of Norway in the final of the compound competition, marking an important milestone in mixed-gender matchplay. Lopez had previously competed in two exhibition matches against men. This was her first victory.


Matches will begin at 17h00 CET.

  • 1 June – Participants announced
  • 5-8 June – Qualification period (filmed)
  • 13-16 June – Quarterfinals (live)
  • 18-19 June – Semifinals (live)
  • 21 June – Final (live)


World Archery rules will apply except where format requires change or if replaced.

1. Format – The target used will be a triangular 40cm triple-spot target face set at 18 metres. A custom face may be provided for matchplay.

2. Qualification – The ranking round will consist of 60 arrows. Men will be seeded on one side of an elimination bracket and women on the other.

3. Matchplay – Matches will be decided using the set system, with the first archer to accrue six set points winning the match.

4. Linecutters – Archers will score their own arrows in the target. Any uncertainty will be decided between the two archers and in the case of a disagreement, will be adjudicated by the commentators. This decision is final.

5. Spirit – While a winner will be crowned, the event is held primarily for entertainment. Participants are encouraged to embrace the spirit of the competition.

Technical details

Participating archers will be required to sed two IP video streams – archer and target – via mobile phones on 4G or laptops on stable WiFi to a remote production site. Bluetooth headphones are preferred.

There will be a minimum connectivity requirement.

The video signals will be mixed with graphics and commentary and streamed live across World Archery’s digital platforms. Content will also be distributed to linear television stations.

Competitors will only see the public broadcast during filming. They will be able to interact with their opponent and the commentators.

The Lockdown Knockout is the first remote international event being streamed live across World Archery’s digital platforms.