Anders Faugstad tops Lockdown Knockout qualification with 596

5 May 2020
Lausanne, Switzerland
Matches will be streamed live on World Archery’s digital platforms from 9 May.

Norwegian compounder Anders Faugstad scored 596 out of a possible 600 points for the 60-arrow 18-metre ranking round to top qualification for the Lockdown Knockout, World Archery’s first remote international tournament.

“If you had told me eight years ago when I started archery that I would be invited to an online tournament with some of the best archers in the world and, on top of that, qualify first, I would not have believed you,” he said.

“So I have to say that I’m really happy. Qualifying first in a tournament is always a huge boost but that doesn’t mean you can start slacking or underestimating your opponent.”

Anders won compound junior men’s gold at the World Archery Youth Championships with a perfect 150-point match in the finals arena and finished runner up at the senior Hyundai World Archery Championships in 2019.

Eight compound archers are taking part in this first Lockdown Knockout.

Faugstad led Mike Schloesser (589), Paige Pearce (587), Toja Ellison (585), Sara Lopez and Domagoj Buden (584), Steve Anderson (583) and Linda Ochoa-Anderson (579) over qualification.

In an unusual rule twist, the archers must use thin arrows rather than the normal fat shafts preferred indoors. Most shot their ranking round in covered ranges, while Schloesser and Lopez did theirs outdoors.

“I found it really difficult to hit with my outdoor set-up and became quite frustrated, so I did a little tuning on my bow to get it to work indoors with thin arrows. I could really feel the difference and it helped my confidence,” said Anders.

Qualification ran from Friday 1 to Monday 4 May.

The athletes will now be seeded for the matchplay phase of the tournament, which starts on 9 May. The men have been put on one side of the bracket and women on the other. The final will be between the last unbeaten man and the last unbeaten woman.

Match schedule

All matches are scheduled to begin at 17h00 CET. Start time is subject to change.

The winner of each quarterfinal will advance to the semifinals, followed by the final, which will see the unbeaten man take on the unbeaten woman.

  • Semifinal 1 – Thursday 14 May: winner quarterfinal 1 v winner quarterfinal 2
  • Semifinal 2 – Friday 15 May: winner quarterfinal 3 v winner quarterfinal 4
  • Final – Sunday 17 May: winner semifinal 1 v winner semifinal 2

Qualification videos

All eight 60-arrow 18-metre ranking rounds were recorded in time-lapse videos. Watch them on World Archery’s YouTube channelFacebook page or click the embeds below.

1) Anders Faugstad – 596 points

2) Mike Schloesser – 589 points

3) Paige Pearce – 587 points

4) Toja Ellison – 585 points

=5) Sara Lopez – 584 points

=5) Domagoj Buden – 584 points

7) Steve Anderson – 583 points

8) Linda Ochoa-Anderson – 579 points

The Lockdown Knockout is World Archery’s first international remote archery tournament. Eight compound archers are taking part, shooting in their home ranges, and matchplay is being streamed live on digital platforms.