French federation commemorates 120th anniversary with official celebration and book

The French Archery Federation, founded in 1899, celebrates 120 years of history in 2019. To commemorate the anniversary, the federation has released a 128-page book that retraces milestones of archery and the organisation. 

The publication, which was unveiled at the federation’s general assembly on 30 March, contains 50 illustrated stories written by Patrick Lemoine, a journalist and reporter who was editor of the daily French newspaper L’Équipe from 1978 to 2012.

“These 120 years are a grand milestone for the federation, or rather a fork in the path,” said president Jean-Michel Cleroy.

“The evolution of the sports set-up in France will force us to evolve in governance to change our economic model.”

“We must remember where we come from before taking new direction; not to forget our values while identifying objectives consistent with new practices.”

A ceremony with representatives of several historical clubs took place on 9 April 2019 – the anniversary date – at the Compagnie d’Arc Saint Pierre Montmartre in Clichy, northwest of Paris.

It was the president of that club who, in 1899, laid the foundations for the federation that followed. Octave Jay created the Fédération des Compagnies d’Arc d’Île de France in 1899. It took the name of Fédération Française de Tir à l’Arc in 1928.

“The federation had never celebrated an anniversary despite its rich history and values,” said Cleroy.

Guests to the anniversary celebration were shown the club’s small museum, which houses documents and historical archery objects collected over the last 200 years, and shot at an anniversary target face.

Celebrations for the French federation’s 120th anniversary continue in September during heritage days, with tours to old and new practice fields.

Images courtesy the French Archery Federation.

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