Host Japan seeds fourth as a women’s team after qualifying

Japan shoots on home soil at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Ren Hayakawa, Miki Nakamura and Azusa Yamauchi have seeded the Japanese women’s team fourth on home soil following the morning qualifying round at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

Azusa, the least-experienced member of the trio, placed seventh individually to pace the host nation with a score of 665 out of a possible 720 points. 

Ren placed 16th with a score of 653, while Miki seeded 31st with 639. 

“Although I dragged the Japanese team down in qualifications, I will do my best in the team competition. I would like to shoot 10 points many times,” Miki said. “Our team values being friendly and smiling every time. I am happy to play for the team.”

An improvement by the team’s third would only make Japan stronger as the nation looks to deliver a medal on home soil. Host nations have historically performed well at the archery events in the Olympics.

If Friday’s qualification is any indication, Japan will be a threat to continue that trend as the week continues. 

“There are three archers [on the Japanese team], and I admit that I am the crybaby on the team,” Miki continued. “Azusa is so calm in any situation, like when it is windy or we are competing fiercely. She also plays well at the last minute.”

Miki cited the wind as a cause of frustration throughout the morning, while Azusa took a more holistic approach.

“Just thinking about how to shoot, I do not mind the score so much,” she said. “Rather than aiming for points, I tried to shoot as usual and as practised.”

The archery competitions at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games continue with the mixed team event on Saturday.