It’s Olympic month and we’re celebrating #ArcheryatTokyo

#ArcheryatTokyo header image.

We’re now into July 2021 and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, delayed one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, take place later this month in the Japanese capital.

In just a few weeks, 128 archers from 51 nations will take to the archery field in Yumenoshima Park.

Before the month is out, we’ll have crowned two new Olympic Champions and awarded five Olympic gold medals, including the debut mixed team title, for the first time since archery’s return to the programme in 1972.

World Archery will be bringing you preview content, coverage and celebration of the Olympic archery competition throughout the summer under the #ArcheryatTokyo banner.

Join the conversation across social media as we countdown to competition arrows in Japan.

Key dates

Content schedule is subject to change.


  • 2 July – Release of Beginners’ Guide to Tokyo 2020
  • 5-15 July – Release of #Tokyo10 athlete profiles
  • 12-16 July – Release of event previews
  • 17 July – Release of Believe: Brady Ellison


  • Friday 23 July – qualifying
  • Saturday 24 July – mixed team Olympic Champion crowned
  • Sunday 25 July – women’s team Olympic Champion crowned
  • Monday 26 July – men’s team Olympic Champion crowned
  • Friday 30 July – women’s Olympic Champion crowned
  • Saturday 31 July – men’s Olympic Champion crowned
#ArcheryatTokyo brand.


The #ArcheryatTokyo icon is inspired by an ensō, which is a circle drawn in a single brushstroke that expresses a moment in which the mind is set free so that the body can create.

It also symbolises enlightenment, strength and elegance.

The parallels with archery are myriad.

The world’s best archery athletes reach levels of accuracy and consistency that transcend normal ability. This is made possible by a deeper connection between technique and body than the mind can control.

The icon was developed by Studio Nissa.

Facts and figures

A total of 128 archers will compete at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, 64 men and 64 women, representing 51 countries.

Five gold medals will be awarded for the first time since archery’s return to the programme in 1972 and the mixed team event will make its Olympic debut.

There are 12 men‘s and 12 women’s teams in Tokyo. Twenty-nine nations have mixed teams but only 16 will advance past qualifying.

Korea is archery’s most successful nation at the Olympics, having won 39 medals since 1972. The Korean recurve women’s team is unbeaten at the Games and will attempt to secure a ninth consecutive title this month.

Archers at the Olympics use a recurve bow.