Schloesser, Gibson seed top for second consecutive stage in Paris

Ella Gibson shoots during qualifying at the third stage of the 2021 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Paris.

World number one Mike Schloesser and Ella Gibson claimed their second consecutive poles on the international circuit after shooting 715 and 703 points, respectively, to top compound men’s and women’s qualifying at the third stage of the 2021 Hyundai Archery World Cup in Paris, France. 

“It was a slow start. I was there like I haven’t woken up yet,” said Schloesser, who shot halves of 357 and 358 on the day. “After that, it was smoother until the end. My shooting was good. I adjusted to the environment quite quickly.”

Schloesser is now unbeaten in qualification on the year.

The reigning Hyundai Archery World Cup Champion opened the 2021 season with a 717-point qualification round at the first stage of the international circuit in Guatemala City, and he shot matching scores of 716 at the second stage in Lausanne and then the European Championships in Antalya.

He has converted those impressive starts into one individual gold so far, in Lausanne. With yet another top seeding, Schloesser finds himself well-positioned to add another.

“I always come to competitions to win them,” Schloesser said. “I have been practising hard for it and have shown the level for it. I came here to make another win this season.”

Gibson’s mark of 703 points – two off her international career-best of 705 that she shot at stage two in Lausanne – was enough for the lead ahead Jody Vermeulen of the Netherlands (701) and the world number one from Denmark, Tanja Gellenthien (700).

Schloesser and Gibson both shot one point better in their back halves than their first.

Gibson, the runner-up in Antalya, switched to her spare bow midway through the round after what she called ‘a few dodgy shots’. Even if the improvement was small on the scoreboard, it might have been larger on the shooting line.

“I definitely felt a lot more confident with my shooting at the end,” Gibson said. “I would be happy to shoot like that for the rest of the week.”

World Archery Champion James Lutz (USA), Pan Am Games Champion Roberto Hernandez (El Salvador), Jean Philippe Boulch (France), Kris Schaff (USA), Braden Gellenthien (USA), Mathias Fullerton (Denmark) and Miguel Becerra (Mexico) completed the compound men’s top eight.

Lisell Jaatma (Estonia), Alejandra Usquiano (Colombia), Andrea Marcos (Spain), Elizaveta Knyazeva (Russia) and Paola Natale (Italy) rounded out the compound women’s top eight.

Competition continues for compound archers in Paris with mixed team matchplay on Thursday morning and individual eliminations on Thursday afternoon.

Top 8 seeds: Compound men

  1. Mike Schloesser, Netherlands – 715
  2. James Lutz, USA – 713
  3. Roberto Hernandez, El Salvador –  712
  4. Jean Philippe Boulch, France – 711
  5. Kris Schaff, USA – 709 (61 10s 37 Xs)
  6. Braden Gellenthien, USA – 709 (61 10s 30 Xs)
  7. Mathias Fullerton, Denmark – 709 (61 10s 27 Xs)
  8. Miguel Becerra, Mexico – 707

Top 8 seeds: Compound women

  1. Ella Gibson, Great Britain – 703
  2. Jody Vermeulen, Netherlands – 701
  3. Tanja Gellenthien, Denmark – 700  
  4. Lisell Jaatma, Estonia – 699 (52 10s)
  5. Alejandra Usquiano, Colombia – 699 (51 10s)
  6. Andrea Marcos, Spain – 698
  7. Elizaveta Knyazeva, Russia – 697
  8. Paola Natale, Italy – 697