Three Asian records broken as Korean team returns to international competition

Kim Woojin scores during the 2021 Asia Cup leg in Gwangju.

Kim Woojin (697), Kim Jongho (712) and So Chaewon (710) broke the Asian records for qualification in the Korean squad’s first international event in more than 12 months.

Teams from Bangladesh, Japan and Malaysia have joined the hosts at this week’s world ranking event in the Korean city of Gwangju.

Early results issue a stark reminder that, while archery’s leading nation is not shooting the Hyundai Archery World Cup circuit this season, Korea‘s top archers will continue to headline the upcoming Olympic Games.

“The score was good and I’m satisfied with it,” said two-time world champion Kim Woojin.

“As the Olympics were delayed by COVID-19, I have been preparing for them for a very long time. I will do my best to ensure my effort was not spent in vain.”

Woojin and Kang Chae Young topped Korean selections for the Games.

Joining the recurve women‘s team in Tokyo is the up-and-coming An San, who shot 684 points in Gwangju to come in pole, two up on Chae Young.

“The score was better than I thought,” she said, before looking towards the Olympics.“I’m focusing on the team competition and I’m just putting all my efforts into practising.”

The Korean women have never lost the team gold medal the Games in eight editions.

Competition continues at the Asia Cup with compound eliminations on Wednesday in Gwangju.

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