How to submit your score for the Indoor Archery World Series

The Indoor Archery World Series is going online in 2021 and archers can take part by shooting a 60-arrow 18-metre round from their clubs, local shops or even at home, if it’s safe to do so.

Score submission can only be done during the official competition times through the Ianseo Scorekeeper Application – which is available on Android and iOS. So make sure you’ve downloaded that to your mobile phone before starting to shoot.

Unless otherwise noted, the competition follows World Archery rules.


All categories are using the same sized 40-centimetre-diameter target face for this event. It’s the choice of each archer whether to use a single spot, vertical triple spot or triangular triple spot target. (The target face must be officially licensed, though.)

Every target used to compete must be new. Only one archer can shoot their score on each target. Targets can be changed, if necessary – and, unless you’re shooting at a registered event, you must submit one photo of each target (alongside a picture of your scoresheet) as proof of your score after the event.

The 10-ring for compounds measures two centimetres in diameter (small 10 or X on some faces) while the 10-ring for recurves measures four centimetres in diameter.

Your bow, arrows and other equipment must comply with World Archery rules. No electronic attachments are permitted, there can be no magnifying scope or peep on recurves – and the maximum arrow diameter is 9.3 millimetres (23s).


Shoot your 60 arrows in ends of three to simulate a real competition. If you are able, shoot your round with friends or at the club – or be creative and load up Zoom (or your preferred video call provider) and connect remotely.

Load the competition in the Ianseo Scorekeeper application by scanning the personal QR code on the scoresheet sent by competition control.

(If you’ve previously used the application, you’ll need to click set-up to bring up a menu where you can choose to scan a new QR code.)

Once inside, check your information matches with that provided on your scorecard. If you see any problems with the scoring set-up, information or can’t get your application to connect, contact competition control.

When the information is confirmed, you’ll enter the scoring screen. Arrows values are added using the colour-coded buttons ad confirmed using the buttons at the bottom of the screen. If possible, score live in the application and on your scorecard as you complete your round. Live results will display on the World Archery website.

If your device is not connected to Wifi or via mobile data, you will not be able to enter your results. If this is the case, shoot your round and then enter your score once you have finished and are connected to the internet.

If you attempt to score outside of the official competition times, you will receive a message saying that the end is locked. Make sure to submit your scores during the official period otherwise they will not be counted.


Unless you’re shooting at a tournament registered in the World Archery calendar, you will need to provide proof of your round.

Once you’ve finished shooting and submitted your score, log on to your account in OpenWAREOS and upload a picture of each (and every) target face you’ve used during the round alongside a picture of the paper scoresheet you used. We’ll use these images to confirm your score.

Results for each stage of the online Indoor Archery World Series will be shown on the World Archery website where you can follow the scores of 1000s of competitors at locations around the globe live.

The 2021 Indoor Archery World Series is a mass-participation circuit of live and online archery tournaments.