Peter Elzinga to replace Emiel Custers on Netherlands coaching staff

Former world number one Peter Elzinga is set to join the Dutch archery team’s coaching staff, replacing outgoing assistant Emiel Custers.

The 39-year-old compound archer was European Champion in 2004, silver medallist at the first Archery World Cup Final in 2006 and was, until recently, an active member of the Netherlands’ international squad.

“I’m really excited to be working with this high level of archers and coaches as they are at the top of the archery game,” Elzinga wrote on his Facebook page.

“After 27 years of [being] a national team member, [it’s time for] a new challenge," said Elzinga, who also owns an archery shop. "I look forward to transferring my knowledge and experience to the Dutch top and future generations who are already rattling on the door.”

Currently the 15th-ranked compound man in the world, Elzinga also said this move would not mark the end of his own archery career. 

Despite his international shooting experience being firmly rooted in the compound bowstyle, Elzinga will work with the Olympic (recurve) squad in the Netherlands under head coach Ron van der Hoff.

The team currently features the fourth-place finishers at the past two Olympic Games, Sjef van den Berg and Rick van der Ven, world number six Steve Wijler and top recurve woman Gaby Schloesser.

Elzinga is replacing someone with whom he won multiple international medals for the Netherlands.

Custers was also a compound archer on the world circuit in the early 2000s before joining the Dutch coaching staff. He will now transition to a role with his National Olympic Committee, where he will develop athlete management systems.

The two are expected to fully assume their new positions by the end of 2020.

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