World Archery agrees 4-year partnership deal with JVD

World Archery has secured a four-year sponsorship commitment from JVD Distribution to support the international federation’s global programmes in areas of development, international events and promotion.

JVD was founded in 1974 by Jan van Drunen, hence the name of the firm, the father of current owner Johan van Drunen. Originally opened an archery shop, the retail side was closed in 2007 as the international distribution part of the business continued to grow.   

The company now employees 45 people, including Olympian Fred van Zutphen and international compound archer Naomi Jones. JVD also collaborates with Dutch team members Sjef van den Berg, Mick de Bakker and Gijs Broeksma – who run the YouTube channel Triple Trouble – and Rick van der Ven on product development.

World Archery is the international federation for archery, working towards the vision of a world in which everyone has the opportunity to make the important Olympic sport their activity of choice.  

As the first major distributor to sign on as a World Archery associate member under the new industry sponsorship programme, JVD will support international development initiatives aimed at growing the appeal of archery at the grassroots level until the end of 2020.   

JVD will receive exposure at World Archery events, recognition in World Archery publications, access to World Archery media catalogues and joint titling.

World Archery Secretary General Tom Dielen said: “JVD is a key anchor to the archery industry, facilitating the activities of 100,000s of enthusiasts across the European continent and around the globe with the equipment it distributes. We’re proud to partner with JVD and to work together to continue to boost archery’s appeal to the worldwide public.”   

JVD owner and CEO Johan van Drunen said: “It is with much joy and excitement that we are able to support archery in the broadest way. Partnering with World Archery on this high level is something that will help us expand our brand name and will enable us to work even closer with federations and dealers around the world. We are very much looking forward to the next four years.”

World Archery’s sponsorship programme is open to companies inside and out of the archery industry looking to promote the sport, support development projects and associate themselves with world-class competition.