Axcel Sights/TRU Ball extends partnership with World Archery

During the ATA Show in Indianapolis, Tomorrow’s Resources Unlimited, Inc President Gregory Summers and World Archery Secretary General Tom Dielen signed a partnership extension for the duration of 2017.

Axcel Sights first became a World Archery partner in 2015, then the cooperation expanded to include the TRU Ball brand in the Olympic year.

The company is well-known for supporting international and national tournaments and working with top archers to manufacture signature range products. Over the last year, Tomorrow’s Resouces Unlimited has also supported charitable giving in a joint project with Jesse Broadwater.

As part of the ongoing agreement with World Archery, Axcel and TRU Ball receive the right to use the World Archery logo and a combined logo in its promotions, access to World Archery media catalogues and a presence at events.

Axcel Sights/TRU Ball Archery is also currently presenting all video news items across World Archery’s digital platforms.

World Archery Secretary General Tom Dielen said: “Our ongoing relationship with Tomorrow’s Resources Unlimited is a model for how our industry and the rights holders for international archery events can work together in a mutually beneficial manner to grow the sport of archery.”

“World Archery is proud to count Axcel Sights and TRUBall Archery, a world-leader in the archery accessories sector, among its sponsors for 2017.”

Tomorrow’s Resources Unlimited, Inc President Gregory Summers said: “World Archery is the premier archery tournament organisation that pre-eminently displays the amazing skill of the top rated archers from around the world.”

“Their superior video and audio coverage provides the most exciting format for archery aficionado viewers located anywhere on our planet.  TRU Ball/Axcel is happy and proud to renew sponsorship with World Archery in 2017.”

World Archery’s sponsorship programme is open to companies inside and out of the archery industry looking to promote the sport, support development projects and associate themselves with world-class competition.