World Archery passes 30 million views on YouTube

World Archery’s YouTube channel,, was launched in November 2007. It reached one million views in October 2008, two in June 2009, four in August 2010, six in July 2011 and 15 million views in August 2013.

In January 2016, the channel passed two milestones: 30 million views and 65 thousand subscribers.

The channel features live broadcasts from World Archery’s events, including World Archery Championships and the Archery World Cup, Win&Win Archery Fan Reporter features, cut matches, interviews, athlete profiles, highlights, news and footage from national and regional events.

Among the most popular videos on the platform are matches from previous world championships, Archery World Cup stages and Finals and the Arcus feature.

“The growth in audience for our YouTube channel mirrors the increase in popularity of archery as a whole,” said World Archery Secretary General Tom Dielen.

“Archery TV is and will remain the best place for archery fans and the general public to watch high-quality, original footage from all aspects of the sport.”

A completely free-access library of the very best in international archery content – and more exciting productions on the horizon – the future for Archery TV looks bright!