FITA-IFAA Agreement

        FITA-IFAA Agreement Lausanne – 26 January 2010   A Memorandum of Mutual Acknowledgment has been agreed by the Congress of FITA being the legislative branch of the "Fédération Internationale de Tir à l'Arc” and the World Council of IFAA being the legislative branch of the “International Field Archery Association”.   Purpose of this Memorandum This memorandum concerns the mutual agreed understanding of the role that both parties play in the world of archery and related sports activities.   FITA is the International Archery Federation representing Archery as foreseen in its objectives and constitution.   IFAA is the International Field Archery Association representing Archery as foreseen in its objectives and constitution.   Agreement between both parties Both parties agree to ·         recognize each other as independent sports organizations ·         respect doping bans on athletes by either party, based on the WADA defined antidoping rules   Furthermore it has been agreed that both parties will continue to jointly ·         standardize rules related to archery equipment ·         cooperate on activities to promote archery as a sport ·         develop safety recommendations for field and 3D ranges ·         lobby jointly for privileged air transport terms and conditions related to archery equipment and the conservation of the legal status of owning, handling and using archery equipment. ·         Have a joined field event at the World Masters Games in Sydney which will be composed of a marked FITA Field Round and a marked IFAA Field Round     To the members of the international Archery Family   The cooperation between FITA and IFAA was discussed last year at the FITA Congress and this year at the IFAA Congress. What does it mean?   First of all, this means that there is cooperation between the two archery organisations. Both have different visions and objectives for the respective organisations, which is why both have a reason to exist. It doesn’t mean that we will have a merger of the two organisations or that there will be only one organisation organising events.   What it means is that there is a joined objective which is to develop the sport of Archery further by working together in certain domains. This includes matters such as equipment rules, safety and legal requirements, travel with archery equipment, development initiatives and any other matters of common interest. We also will have from time to time events in which we cooperate such as the Master Games in Sydney last year.    The wish of both organisations is that the same spirit of cooperation can be developed at national and local level and that we do not have conflicts that stop the development of the sport. We wish that in each country a similar agreement of cooperation can be made that prevents any issues.   If you need any further information please contact Trudy MEDWED ( who is the liaison between the two organisations.     Dr Ugur ERDENER                                                       Tom DIELEN FITA President                                                          FITA Secretary General   Loet SMIT                                                                Martin KOINI IFAA President                                                          IFAA Secretary General