World Archery Calendar Description

World Archery Calendar Description   The online calendar system is designed for all World Archery recognised tournaments and replaces the paper submission for the registration of tournaments.   The World Archery Calendar contains events information from all Member Associations (MAs). Events can be loaded to this database throughout the year. Archery fans should, therefore, check it regularly.   The system shows all registered tournaments for which the MAs have to pay the registration fee. At the end of the year an invoice will be sent to the MAs including the fees for all registered tournaments held during the current year.   When you open the Calendar page, you can see a list of upcoming major events. This replaces the previously called "Highlights" page.   Description of the Grades: Grade 1 - Olympics, World Championships Grade 2 - Continental Championships Grade 3 - World Cup Events Grade 4 - National Championships Grade 5 - National and Open Tournaments Grade 6 - Other Events   Advantages for national federations MAs upload the calendar themselves and it becomes live immediately (no confirmation from World Archery necessary) MAs make changes themselves Planning tool for national teams and advantages for archers Up-to-date calendar of all World Archery events worldwide Recognition of events for World Records and Performance Awards Advantages for World Archery Easier process for Record and Awards verification Easier accounting of registered tournaments Last update: 19 April 2012