Flash Quotes from the compound qualification round

   Vladimir ESHEEV (RUS) – Executive Board Member of World Archery Federation This is a great place. I have been here before and I like it. The most important things to achieve in this event are the selections for the Paralympic Games London 2012 and the chance to win medals in both individual and team events. Since I'm the president of the Russian Archery Association it is very important for my nation to be selected and the Russian archers are finding difficulties in the Paralympic selection. We are planning to get medals in the recurve men, compound women and the team event. We have the same coaches working together in both World Archery and Para Archery events so all the athletes team up.   Vladimir BRADA (CZE) – Coach We want to get some medals and obtain the Paralympic quota but above all we need to have fun. Doing archery we meet good people and friends from all around the world. This venue is incredible, really great! I was here last week and I thought it was impresssive. It is just a little bit hot [he smiles]. Everything is working. We just had some delays in the schedule and do not know about the shooting time.   Tim HAZELL (GBR) – Coach This is our first time in Italy. The venue is exciting and there is a beautiful surrounding although this level of humidity is really painful. Everybody is great to us, the volunteers are really helpful: they are carrying our boxes and helping with scoring. We want to win some medals and being the host nation for the Paralympics, we are not under stress to get the quota.   Pauline BETTERIDGE (GBR) – Head of Classification Para Archery I have noticed that a lot of archers are not sure about their status and this makes them anxious. During the classification, we also have to check their special equipment but often they did not bring it with them and this made them even more anxious. We have a lot of archers to classify, which is usual at Paralympic Games qualifier events. I am sure that in the next qualifiers there will be less people to classify. Some tests cause some people some pain, but this is an unavoidable fact. The worst aspect is the weather – too hot and too humid. If there had been a better airflow in the tents, it might have made things better. We are doing our best and we definitely want them to enjoy this Championships... and they are enjoying it already!     Rebecca RABOZZI. World Archery Communication