Flash Quotes from the recurve men qualification rounds

Paivi HUMALAJOKI (FIN), Delegation Official   Nobody likes this rain, but the weather is the same for everybody! There is nothing we can do. We hope our athletes may have a good day and shoot well.   Luis Jose MARTINEZ (VEN)   The weather is always unpredictable. But this event is very well organised even if I would have preferred to have sunny hot weather like we usually have in Venezuela. My goal was to improve my record but unfortunately my results so far have been too low for that. Now my goal is to be in the first 30 athletes of my category.   Konstantinos SCHIZAS (GRE)   The rain has been a huge problem. But now I just want to have fun and shoot well.   Ezio LUVISETTO (ITA)   The first part of the competition has been difficult because I felt like I had lost all my reference points and my sensations. I gave up shooting in 1999 and I got back six months ago. I did not remember that it was so difficult to shoot in the rain! I would like to start fresh in the elimination round. I know it will be difficult to shoot against better qualified archers, but I am not afraid. I just want to shoot well enough to be part of the team.    Michael LUKOW (USA)   Everything is going well although it is a kind of miserable day. But things are going on smoothly. We had a few difficulties because of the bad weather. I am not expecting much at all from this competition because it is my very first time in a World Championship.   Reinaldo Augusto NUNEZ (BRA), coach   With good weather it would have been a great competition. The wind has been too strong during the 90 meter distance and we had other difficult conditions during the 70 meters. Physical conditions are very important when shooting four distances in the same day. It is really difficult for these archers, especially for those who have thermoregulation problems. This is a challenge for top archers! Our results have been remarkable taking into consideration the weather conditions. However we want to climb the ranking up to the top 16.      Philip BOTTOMLEY (GBR)   Apart from the weather, this is a good experience and good fun. I have met different archers from non-European countries you do not meet often. The thing I like the most is that we mingle together. I am doing my best and I want to be in the top 6 to be selected for the Paralympic Team. So fingers crossed!     Dajana PICCOLO, Rebecca RABOZZI World Archery Communication