Qualifying bonus points gift Fullerton ticket to World Cup Final

Mathias Fullerton shoots during Medellin.

An eighth seeding in Medellin has qualified Denmark’s Mathias Fullerton to the 2022 Hyundai Archery World Cup Final.

“That’s awesome,” said Mathias when he was told. “It’s really awesome to make the World Cup Final this year again. It’s the main goal with doing all the World Cups. I’ve been consistent this season and now I’m hoping for that last sprint towards a World Cup win.”

Bonus points for qualifying position were introduced at the start of 2022. Fullerton received two bonus points for qualifying eighth with a score of 707 points today.

Those points brought his total in the World Cup Ranking to 47. There aren’t enough compound men’s that can accrue enough ranking points with their finishes at this fourth stage of the circuit in Medellin to knock him down the leaderboard and out of a points ticket to Tlaxcala.

He looks, subject to final confirmation, mathematically safe for the season finale.

“To be already secure is both relaxing and exciting,” said Fullerton.

Not bad for an archer who’s using a brand new bow. Mathias’ equipment went missing on the way to the World Games in the USA two weeks ago. (One of the many bags swallowed by the current issues affecting airports worldwide.)

He competed at that event thanks to the generosity of his fellow athletes lending equipment – and rigged a brand-new set-up while staying at Braden and Tanja Gellenthien’s house in the interim before travelling to Colombia.

“I’m going to keep using the bow,” said Mathias, smiling. “I’m not getting my old bow back.”

Competition for Mathias continues tomorrow in Medellin with team eliminations before individual matchplay on Thursday afternoon.

Perhaps, with the pressure of qualifying for a second career Hyundai Archery World Cup Final lifted off his shoulders, Medellin might be the event at which the current world number four makes his first individual circuit podium.