New live format for Archery Show in 2022

The Archery Show 2022 Presenters Karim and Nicky

The Archery Show is back for 2022 – but now it’s live.

For the second consecutive stage of this year’s Hyundai Archery World Cup, world feed commentator Karim Bashir and live analyst and former world number one compound woman Nicky Hunt broadcast live from the studio in Glasgow ahead of the finals in Gwangju. It’s free to watch on the World Archery YouTube channel.

Nicky gave insightful predictions on who will win from this weekend’s final fours and who’s looking hot for the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final itself.

Karim and Nicky also welcomed a very special guest – the recurve women’s winner at the season opener, Bryony Pitman, who did not travel to Korea due to a positive COVID-19 test – and some of the archers competing in Gwangju at the moment, including Brady EllisonAndrea Munoz and Dafne Quintero, plus the legendary Kim Woojin, who talked about jetlag, Tokyo 2020 and competing internationally on home soil.

This year’s Archery Show format also introduces a shot anatomy segment. Ahead of the Gwangju finals, Nicky broke down the speed and fluidity of triple Olympic gold medallist An San.

The live studio show will return ahead of stages three and four in Paris and Medellin – as well as the circuit final in Tlaxcala.

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