Moscow 1980 Olympic Champion Keto Losaberidze dies aged 72

Keto Losaberidze signs autographs at the Moscow 1980 Olympic Games.

Georgia’s most decorated Olympic archer, Ketevan Losaberidze, died on Sunday 23 January 2022 at the age of 73.

Keto, as she was known, won gold at the Moscow 1980 Olympics as a member of the Soviet Union team, having already made her debut at the Games eight years prior in Munich, where she finished fourth.

She was also European Champion (in 1972) and took great pride in being, still to date, the only woman from Europe to win individual Olympic gold.

A mathematics professor in her professional life, Ketevan became the founding president of the Georgian archery federation in 2002, serving until 2005, and remained active in the sport long after she stopped shooting competitively.

The last competition in the Georgian domestic calendar is named the ‘Ketevan Losaberidze Cup’.

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