Newcastle 2019 World Transplant Games celebrate a second chance at life

28 August 2019
Newcastle, Great Britain
The oldest athlete was 84, the youngest just six years of age.

The 2019 Summer World Transplant Games took place on 17-23 August in Newcastle, Great Britain and attracted more than 1400 athletes from 53 countries to compete over 16 sports.

The youngest competitor was aged six – a girl from Argentina – and the oldest was an 84-year-old French man.

Thirty-five of those 1400 athletes were archers. The 15 women and 20 men represented 10 nations from four continents. 

The event was run by four Archery GB judges and 17 volunteer coaches and agents.

The archery competition took place at Gateshead International Stadium and the format mimicked a World Archery event.

Individual 36-arrow ranking rounds were shot over 30 metres at an 80-centimetre target face. Archers progressed through a head-to-head bracket using the set system.

Results can be found on the event’s official website.

The World Transplant Games aim to raise awareness of organ and tissue donation, transplantation and the benefits of post-procedure exercise. They celebrate the gift of life – and a second chance at living to the full.

The first World Transplant Games took place in Portsmouth, Great Britain in 1978 and attracted around 100 competitors from France, Germany, Greece and the USA.

The World Transplant Games Federation was formed in 1987 and has approximately 70 member countries.
The 2019 Summer World Transplant Games took place 17-23 August in Newcastle, Great Britain

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