Tokyo 2020 unveils Olympic medal design to celebrate start of one-year countdown

Tokyo 2020 has released the designs of next summer’s Olympic medals as part of the one-year-to-go celebrations in Japan.

The medals resemble rough stones that have been polished and now shine, with light and brilliance as overall themes. They reflect the concept that in order to succeed, athletes have to strive and sacrifice on a daily basis.

More than 400 professional designers and students submitted proposals in an open competition. Junichi Kawanishi is responsible for the winning design.

“I never dreamed that the design I submitted only as a memorial to this lifetime event would be actually selected,” he said. “With their shining rings, I hope the medals will be seen as paying tribute to the athletes’ efforts, reflecting their glory and symbolising friendship.”

The Olympic medals at Tokyo 2020 measure 85mm in diameter, are 12.1mm at their thickest part and will be manufactured using precious metal extracted from recycled mobile phones and other electronics donated by the public.

Each medal features a ribbon employing the traditional Japanese design motifs found in ichimatsu moyo (harmonised chequered patterns) and kasane no irome (traditional kimono layering techniques).

The surface of each ribbon is covered in ergonomic silicone convex lines that differentiate between gold, silver and bronze.

Japanese ash wood cases, dyed with the same colour as the Olympic emblem, will accompany each medal. Every case will be unique.

Archery at next summer’s Olympic Games begins on the first day of the event, 24 July 2020. Qualification takes place during the day of the opening ceremony, which starts in the evening.

The first archery medal of the Games, which will be the first-ever mixed team gold, will be awarded on 25 July.

The archery competitions at the next Olympic Games start on 24 July 2020 in Tokyo, Japan.