Top seeds survive to make individual final fours at Universiade in Napoli

Top seeds Kim Jongho, Yesim Bostan, Lee Woo Seok and Kang Chae Young won all their elimination matches and have advanced to the semifinals at the 2019 Summer Universiade in Napoli, Italy.

Kim Jongho and Kang Chae Young are defending champions, with the former shooting for his third consecutive Universiade title at this event.

“It’s not that I’m greedy for a third gold medal but, if I work hard, I think I can get a good result here,” said Jongho.

“It was good to shoot well today even though it was windy. I think I can maintain this form for the rest of the tournament.”

The world number five won matches against Tsui Chun Kit, Camille Dufour in a shoot-off and then Christian Beyers De Klerk with a perfect 150 points. That last match, 150 4X, was ratified as a new Universiade record.

Jongho recently took third at the 2019 Hyundai World Archery Championships by shooting a perfect 150-point match to beat Braden Gellenthien in the bronze medal match.

Joining the 24-year-old in the compound men’s final four are Muhammed Yetim, Anton Bulaev and Lukasz Przybylski.

Top compound woman’s seed Yesim Bostan, third-ranked So Chaewon and number-four-seed Andrea Becerra all made the semifinals. Second-ranked Danelle Wentzel was upset by Kazakhstan’s Diana Makarchuk in the third round. Makarchuk is the fourth semifinalist.

Lee Woo Seok, Wei Chun-Heng, Yuta Ishii and Erdem Tsydypov are the recurve men’s final four.

Kang Chae Young, Peng Chia-Mao, Valeria Mylnikova and Choi Misun will shoot in the recurve women’s semifinals.

The archery competitions at the 2019 Summer Universiade take place on 8-13 July in Napoli, Italy.