Compound men’s cut in Nimes hits 590 points for the first time

The compound men’s cut into the head-to-head phase of competition at the Nimes Archery Tournament has hit 590 out of the possible 600 points for the first time in the competition’s 21-year history.

“You can definitely see the level has grown this year,” said one of the three top-scorers, Mike Schloesser.

“I’m super happy with my round. I shot a lot of good arrows. But I saw Kris Schaff shoot, too, and he’s shooting at a really high level here.”

Schloesser, Schaff and Reo Wilde all scored 598 out of a possible 600 points for the 60-arrow 18-metre ranking round. Stephan Hansen, Dave Cousins and Peter Elzinga came in just behind, three points down from perfect.

The top-32 cut in the compound men’s event has sat at 589 points for the last three years. In 2019, five archers who shot 590 did not progress in the competition.

Jozef Bosansky, Brian Gold, Jesse Sut, Paul Tedford and Alexis Tombul lost out in the tiebreak for the last two places in the bracket, as Ludovic Dauleu and Marcus Laube advanced.

Linda Ochoa-Anderson qualified top in the compound women’s competition with 594 points, one up on both Paige Pearce and So Chaewon.

The compound women’s cut was 575 points, the highest of this 2019 Indoor Archery World Series season.

Han Jaeyeop led the recurve men with 598 points and Kang Chae Young, the world record holder for the outdoor ranking round, topped the recurve women on 593.

Han shot 39 straight 10s before dropping an arrow into the nine but with Brady Ellison’s world record standing at 599 points, only a perfect round will beat it.

Olympic Champion Ku Bonchan and Lee Seungyun had 597 and 596 points, respectively, with Sjef van den Berg and Brady Ellison the highest-ranked recurve men not shooting for a Korean pro team, tied on 593.

The recurve men’s cut was 580. Heorhiy Ivanytskyy won a three-way tiebreak with Fabio Molfese and Jeff Henckels for the last spot in that bracket.

Marion Bardary was the 32nd-seeded recurve woman on 566 points.

Competition in Nimes continues with the eliminations on Saturday evening, before televised junior finals on Sunday morning and senior finals on Sunday afternoon.

The Nimes Archery Tournament is the fourth stage of the 2019 Indoor Archery World Series.