Sally Park appointed head coach in Bhutan

Los Angeles 1984 Olympian Park Young Sook, also known as Sally, has been appointed as head coach of the Bhutanese Archery Federation on a one-year rolling contract to oversee both elite and grassroots performance programmes across Bhutan.

The Korean national is perhaps best-known for coaching Malawian athlete Areneo David to the country’s first Olympic archery appearance at Rio 2016. At those same Games, Bhutanese archer Karma was selected to carry her nation’s flag at the opening ceremony.

“Many people enjoy archery in Bhutan,” said Sally. “People shoot across the cities for fun and when someone hits the target they clap, sing and celebrate together. It’s a very nice environment. Even the King shoots.”

Sally’s initial mandate is to identify sustainable steps forward to increase Bhutan’s competitive success:

“It will be a learning process for me and for them. I see there’s potential and interest from the archers. I’m willing to help them increase their level and, later on, win medals. But it is a process that will take time.”

Sally has already made a headstart in her new role, which officially begins in July 2018, after World Archery Asia sent her to the nation on a one-month development mission.

Bhutan made its Olympic archery debut in 1984 at the same Games in which the nation’s new head coach competed. It has sent at least one archer, via tripartite invitation since the introduction of quota places, to compete in every Olympic archery competition since.

The Bhutanese Archery Federation is the national governing body for archery in Bhutan.

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