Kakas wins World Games with perfect last arrow

Hungary’s Istvan Kakas shot a perfect six with the last arrow of the barebow men’s final, beating John Demmer III of the USA, 54-51, and winning gold at the 2017 World Games in Wroclaw, Poland.

“I didn’t care about the scores at all. I just shot my sequence. I wasn’t thinking about anything, just focused on my arrows and my movements, nothing else,” said Kakas. “To hear the anthem on the podium is fantastic.”

Demmer III fell three points behind after the first target but caught up on the next, tied again after the third shot – a 20-metre over the lake – on 39 points each, the fourth and final target decided the match.

“Your goal on that one [fourth target] is to make three good shots. I made three good ones, but he shot three better ones,” explained John, who went three, five, four on the long 40-metre 60-centimetre face.

Istvan shot a four, five and, needing a four with his final arrow, put down a beautiful six to win gold, and leave his States opponent with silver. Although he didn’t win, Demmer III made history as the first person from outside Europe to climb the barebow podium at the World Games.

“I don’t know if I’m fully satisfied but I’m definitely walking away feeling pretty much satisfied,” he said. “The match was fun, stressful… that pretty much sums it up.”

Sweden’s Martin Ottosson beat David Garcia Fernandez of Spain, 53-51, in the bronze medal match.

“It was a tough match, which I was expecting because Garcia shot good all week. I also think it was a lot more relaxed than in the semis, because you’re already out of the top game,” said Ottosson.

“I think we both enjoyed it and I was, particularly, extremely pleased with how I shot in the last target.”

Martin finished with three arrows in the gold, all fives, on the long shot to finish.

The barebow field archery competitions at the 2017 World Games run 26-28 July in Wroclaw, Poland.