Terni 2015: Facts and figures

From 1 to 5 September 2015, Italy becomes the worldwide capital of 3D archery – as the sixth edition of the World Archery 3D Championships head to the historical region of Terni.

Five facts

1. Italy, home of 3D

It’s the fourth time Italy hosts the World Archery 3D Championships, after Genova in 2005, Latina in 2009 and Sassari in 2013. In 2010, Sassari also hosted the second European 3D Championships.

Italy is at the very centre of the passionate and worldwide 3D archery movement.

2. Temperatures

After a very hot summer, not only in Italy, temperatures at the beginning of September in Terni will range between 32 and 36 degrees Celsius. Only at the end of the competition week is some rain expected. Will this be helpful or not for archers?

3. Marmore Falls

After the 2013 edition of the European Field Championships, the Marmore Falls take up the mantle as the host for spectacular outdoor finals, once again.

A column pouring of water distributed over three jumps, wrapping the flora in a cloud of white foam, descends over a total jump of 165 metres. The fall is open to visitors and the result of over 2000 years of work which, starting from Roman times, attempted to channel the waters of the river Velino into the Nera river.

4. Archery Village

Every day after competition, athletes and officials will stay in an archery village, set up in the heart of the city of Terni, with a range of services to ensure a pleasant stay. The archery village, which opened officially its doors on 29 August, is the pulsating soul of the event, where athletes and managers will expereince various cultures and participate in other daily activities.

It also represents an important means for integrating and introducing archery to the general public, including dynamic exhibition spaces, displays of products native to the region and demonstrations of various sporting disciplines, as well as time for shows, fun and relaxation!

5. Growth

The 250 athletes in Terni make these World Archery 3D Championships the biggest ever. The previous largest was in 2011, in the Austrian city of Donnersbach, when 245 attended.

By the numbers

The 24 Italian athletes, accompanied by three officials, represent a host nation with a great past in 3D archery – and the largest team in Terni. Italy is the defending champion in the medal standings from Sassari 2013.

Split into the four categories – 63 compound, 56 barebow, 66 longbow and 65 instinctive – the 250 athletes in Terni are accompanied by 38 officials, and represent a total of 25 nations, including Argentina, Canada and Mexico from outside Europe.