17 August 2010 - Vanessa LOH (SIN): “Welcome to Singapore everyone!”

Vanessa LOH (SIN): “Welcome to Singapore everyone!” Singapore – 17 August 2010   We met the Singapore archers Vanessa LOH and Abdud SAYYAN during the official practice at the inaugural Youth Olympic Games. Here is what they have to say about this unique event organised in their home country.   How did these Games start for you? Vanessa: I really enjoyed the Opening Ceremony. I use it as a source of motivation, because there was a segment about trying to overcome your fears and surpass yourself. Now when I practice shooting I try to remember this segment from the Opening Ceremony and I try to surpass myself.   What is the atmosphere like in the Olympic village? Vanessa: My coach and my roommates make fun of my sleeping postures and take pictures of me while I sleep! I spent most of my time in the village with Singaporean athletes from other sports. We gather in a big group and walk around the village and play games, especially pool.   Abdud: I made a lot of friends, from Singapore and other countries. There are a lot of games areas, with billiard, crafting and other fun activities.   Did you take part in the educational programme? Vanessa: Yes, I already took part in a session of the educational programme. You receive a free watch if you do, so I was in a hurry to take part (smile).    What does this competition mean for you? Vanessa: It’s different to compete on home turf, because when I go overseas and compete, I get the feeling that everyone else is better. But when the competition is in your own country, you don’t feel the difference that much, you don’t feel so lonely.   How did you train for this event? Vanessa: I took a gap year because in 2010 I will be very busy competing in the Youth Olympic Games, the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games. I took a year off from school in order to get ready (I have to study one more year before I go to University). For now I practice archery 6 days a week from 9AM to 5PM. Twice a week I do mental training and physical training. Recently we went to the Chinese Taipei for a training camp with the Chinese Taipei national team, who were very nice to us.   Abdud: It was very difficult to prepare because I go to school from 7AM to 5PM. Then Wednesdays and Fridays I train from 6 to 9PM. I dedicate my Saturdays and Sundays to only shooting. Finally, Tuesdays and Thursdays I don’t shoot, but I go to fitness training after school. When I wake up and before I go to sleep, I do mental exercises and I also practice my shooting stance with a rubber band for at least 10 minutes.   What is your previous international experience? Vanessa: I competed in the Asian Grand Prix, in the 2009 Junior and Senior World Championships, the Commonwealth Games Test Event... My best result came in the South East Asia Games where I ranked 5th individually and 2nd with my team.   Thank you, is there anything else you would like to add?   Vanessa: I would like to welcome everyone to Singapore and thank my family and my coach for their support.   Abdud: Vanessa already said everything... I will simply try to do my best here!   Vanahé ANTILLE World Archery Communication