Third circuit gold medal in a row for Lopez

World number one Sara Lopez was clean through 10 arrows in the compound women’s final in Shanghai.

“The platform was moving a lot,” said Lopez, who hadn’t lost an individual international medal match since mid-2014. “So I had problems with my aiming, so I just needed a normal round to get my nerves together and be ready.”

The two-time circuit champion looked in command, four points up on her opponent, Sarah Sonnichsen, who had already claimed a gold medal on compound Saturday at the first stage of the year’s Hyundai Archery World Cup. The Danish compound women’s team beat Russia in a shoot-off during the morning session.

Lopez dropped two in the nine in the third end, just at the moment at which Sarah – with an h – started a run of eight perfect arrows.

It was too late, though. The world record holder at the 15-arrow match, Sara – without the h – cruised to a 147-145 victory.

“My sight was moving a lot. So I just need two minutes of normal shooting, but I think I did a good job. I’m still nervous right now, but it was great,” added Lopez.

Though she, paired with Daniel Munoz, couldn’t overcome France in the mixed team final, Sara’s unbelievable stadium record in individual competitions remains intact – and she got an early head start in the quest for a third consecutive Hyundai Archery World Cup crown.

Seol Dayeong started the compound women’s bronze medal match with a perfect 30. Her opponent, Mexico’s Linda Ochoa-Anderson, put two arrows in the nine, and trailed by two after the first end.

The 20-year-old Korean kept the momentum into the second pass, extending her lead to three.

She didn’t find the 10 in the third, but came together on the back straight to drive home the lead, and take the match, and bronze medal, 144-141.