World Cup Stage 1 – Quotes of the Day 3

  Recurve Men   Michael PEART (GBR) - On losing his match against Marco GALIAZZO (ITA) (Redaction’s note: the Italian only shot six arrows in qualification) photo right I totally agree with the Italian team’s decision. I would have done the same. They played within the rules with what they did. Me and the team would have done exactly the same. However, I wish we had paid more attention to the leader board, as I would have happily shot a six in my last arrow to not have to shoot against Marco in the first elimination. It’s about playing smart and not just hard.   Jayanta TALUKDAR (IND) - On shooting an arrow on the wrong target I shot six arrows, but unfortunately one was on the wrong target. Last year, I also lost in the same stage. I will be at all the World Cups this year so there is still an opportunity to score points for the ranking. We use the World Cup as preparation for the World Championships in Ulsan.   Crispin DUENAS (CAN) - On reaching the finals Wow! This is by far the highest I ever finished. For the finals, I’ll just stick to my process and see what happens. It’s been wonderful so far and I’m enjoying the weather and shooting outdoors again. Four months of shooting indoors has been pretty boring.   Recurve Women   Alison WILLIAMSON (GBR) – Will shoot for gold on Sunday It has been a very relaxed atmosphere with the teammates supporting each other. It was very pleasant. I also remember the finals field from four years ago when I participated in the World Ranking Event, as I was doing some sightseeing. I look forward to going back there.   Reena KUMARI (IND) – Will shoot for bronze on Sunday photo right It is the first time I got so far in an international competition, so I am very excited to shoot for bronze on Sunday. Also, I am going to shoot against my teammate Dola BANERJEE and it keeps me calmer, although I won’t let her win (smile).   Dola BANERJEE (IND) – Will shoot for bronze on Sunday I was shooting very well up to the quarterfinals, but after that I don’t know what happened… In the semis I had several chances to come back as Alison (WILLIAMSON) shot 5s and 6s, but I just didn’t take them and finally lost the match.    Natalia VALEEVA (ITA) – About the mixed team and the individual competitions The mixed team, it was very funny and relax! Very different from what we usually do. I like it because it is new and also we were very good archers forming the teams and the opponents, which made the competition very interesting. In individual, it was a real hard work! But I am happy of being in the finals.   Laishram Bombayla DEVI (IND) – About the mixed team event It was really nice and very exciting!   Compound Men   Reo WILDE (USA) photo right The weather here is awesome. Lots of good shooters here and you got to stay on top of your game or you’ll go home early.

My indoor season was great. I shot great scores and hope I can continue to shoot good scores and qualify for the World Outdoor. Unfortunately, I cannot go to the rest of the World Cups. If I go to the world championships, I will need too much time off my work and that’s not possible.
  Patrizio HOFER (SUI) – Will shoot for gold on Sunday I feel very very good! When I started shooting against Reo (WILDE), I concentrated to the point that I did not even notice the other shooters next to me. I was just thinking about my technique and my shooting and it worked! Also, this is the first time this year that I shot outdoors and the first time I got to beat Reo (WILDE)! It was also the first time I beat Peter (ELZINGA) outdoors…   Rigoberto HERNANDEZ (ESA) – Will shoot for bronze on Sunday Well, there is a conflict of feelings inside me… I am really happy at reaching the semi-finals of such an event as I have never got to this point in an international competition let alone a World Cup stage. I would have never thought of getting so far. On the other hand, I am very sad at having lost the semi after so many tries. I just tried to do the best I could do in my capabilities and I hope to win the bronze medal on Sunday!   Peter ELZINGA (NED) – Who will shoot for bronze on Sunday photo right It was funny. Every match before the semi-final I was so nervous and shooting on adrenaline. During the semis I was so relaxed which was very strange. I started with 27 and against Patrizio (HOFER) which is not a smart thing to do. I really need the tension to perform well. I’m sorry for Peter (my coach). It would have been a nice present to be in the gold final because today is his birthday.   Recurve Mixed Team   Romain GIROUILLE (FRA) The team round is very good and lots of fun. It is nice to shoot with Berengere (SCHUH) here, because although we shoot for the same country, we never actually shoot as a team. I think we complement each other very well.   Justyna MOSPINEK (POL) It’s great fun. During the qualifications, we were also thinking about the ranking for the mixed team event. After the hard day of eliminations, we now celebrate our silver medal in the mixed teams.   Chantal STEINER/Dean ALBERGA FITA Communication