3 March 2009 - Archery cashes in with a new sponsorship, Vakifbank

PRESS RELEASE   Lausanne (SUI) – 3 March 2009     Archery cashes in with a new sponsorship, Vakifbank     The International Archery Federation (FITA) is pleased to announce a 1-year sponsorship agreement with Vakifbank.   Vakifbank, one of the biggest and very dynamic banks in Turkey, will invest for the first time in international sponsorship and hopes to grow its business with the help of FITA in 2009 and beyond. Vakifbank joins a group of sponsors that believe in a sport offering good value for money in terms of brand image and visibility (audience of one billion). The bank earns the status of “Official Sponsor” for the Archery World Cup and Archery World Championships. The first event involved is taking place no later than this week with the Indoor World Championships in Rzeszow (POL). Then, the Archery World Cup will start at the end of March in Santo Domingo (DOM) and the season will culminate with the World Championships in Ulsan (KOR) and the World Cup Final in Copenhagen (DEN) in September.   In a difficult economic period, FITA is very proud to receive a global, substantial support from a dedicated group of traditional and new sponsors. In 2009, FITA will have KIA Motors, Spor Toto, Vakifbank, Turkish Airlines, Milli Piyango and Longines as Official Sponsors or Partners. Moreover, FITA has also concluded partnerships with archery manufacturers Easton and Hoyt, the agency MP Silva as well as Hacettepe University. FITA has also reached an agreement to continue receiving the event services provided by former sponsor Meteksan Events and will soon announce a partnership with a logistic company.   “We are very pleased to welcome a new archery supporter in the like of Vakifbank. We are convinced that this new relationship will be a win-win situation. We will help in the international recognition of Vakifbank, whereas its support is key to continue the development of our activities”, said FITA President Prof. Dr Ugur ERDENER. “We are delighted with the overall support of our sponsors and partners in 2009 despite a difficult economic situation. We believe archery offers very good value for money in terms of visibility and brand image. We will strive to surpass again the expectations of our sponsors in 2009.”   The archery community would like to wish again a warm welcome to Vakifbank as a FITA sponsor!   Didier MIEVILLE FITA Communication and Marketing Director Phone: +41 21 614 3050 Email: dmieville@archery.org Website: www.archery.org