6 June 2008 - Situation of Archery Development in Africa

Situation of Archery Development in Africa Lausanne – 6 June 2008   Development of the National Structure in Niger In March 2008 the Olympic Solidarity held a programme for the Development of the National Structure in Niger. This was organised by the National Olympic Committee and the National Archery Federation. The programme was divided in two sessions. The first session from 22 to 30 March consisted in teaching the carpenters to make bows. The second one between 31 March and 11 April was dedicated to teaching the coaches.   Chad, Cameroon and Ivory Coast Chad, Cameroon and Ivory Coast would like to benefit from the development of the national structure so that their coaches of each region can learn how to fabricate equipment with local material, mainly bamboo and expand the development of archery throughout the whole country.   Chad is planning to organise a grouped course such as the one that took place in Niger in order to have a sustainable and relay work.   Ivory Coast and Cameroon are planning to contact the Secretary Generals of their respective National Olympic Committees in order to obtain the approval for the programme.   Guinea The Association for the promotion of archery in Guinea has received its affiliation, thus becoming a new national archery federation. A development programme will also take place in this country in order to define the national structure and develop archery throughout the country.   Togo A session of material manufacturing in bamboo and equipment installation took place at the Saint Albert school in the city of Atakpame in the central region of Togo. The goal of this training is to include archery in their calendar programme.   Benin The League of Atlantic organized a demonstration of archery in the college of Vedoko third school of Atlantic department which included archery in their school programme. The Beninese Union of Archery will obtain this year from the Ministry of sports the subsidy for their National Junior, Youth and Senior Championships which will take place in two departments. These events will allow the spectators to familiarise with archery. Training continues on the club level for the preparation of various championships. A competition took place at the end of the month at the stadium of Kouhounou.   Revival of Archery in Cameroun  During the General Assembly of the International Military Sports Council (CISM) held in Montreux, Switzerland, Col. Lt. Dieudonné Ayissi met with Mr Pascal Colmaire, FITA Development and Education Director and Ms Deqa Hussen, FITA Development Coordinator.   During this meeting, it was decided that Cameroun would be re-affiliated to FITA and discussions were held regarding the development activities for the year 2008 and onwards. Lt. Col. Ayissi mentioned that thanks to his function in the army archery is part of the physical training in the military service and ancestral archery is still practiced in all over the country.   He also mentioned that his objective during his mandate is to develop archery in Cameroun, mainly through the program provided by our Development Agent, Paul Zinsou for the fabrication of equipment with local material. He has already contacted his National Olympic Committee in order to benefit from the Olympic Solidarity programme entitled “Development of the national structure”.   Three bows and some documentation were donated at this occasion to the Cameroun Archery Association. FITA would like to thank Lt. Col. Ayissi for his contribution to the development of archery and sport in general. He is also the President of the CISM Football Committee.   Youth in Morocco The Royal Morocco Archery Federation organized on 27 April 2008 the first tournament for youth and beginners in collaboration with the Madakra Archery Club within the frame of their 2007-2008 programmes.   The participants came from the following clubs: Arc en Ciel, Arc Doré, Ismaïlia, Al Bachir, Madakra, Sale and Meknès Marrakec. They took part in the various rounds of the competition on the following distances: 10 m, 20 m and 30m in two rounds of 3x6 arrows.   Eight targets were set up for the competition that was held during a magnificent sunny day on a field in the countryside. The supervisors of the event had a pedagogical message to transmit to the young archers since most were participating for the first time. The 43 participants were watched by a great number of spectators, government representatives, local leaders and volunteers who helped in the organization and success of the event.   The President announced at the end of the competition the creation of two new clubs, one in Casablanca and the other in Khouribga.   Results Title Name Club Points 1 Laghrissi Mohamed Ismaïlia Meknès 256 2 Jabir Soufiane Madakra 160 3 El Mahiri Latifa Al Bachir Marrakech 146   20m Round Title Name Club Points 1 Mhidra Taofiq Arc en Ciel Sale 273 2 Benhallam Mehdi Arc Dore Meknes 266 3 Kaddioudi Leila Al Bachir Marrakech 244   10m Round Titre Name Club Points 1 El Ghoujati Imad Al Bachir Marrakech 266 2 Ezznie Ayoub Arc Dore Meknes 242 3 Bouzid Salma Arc Dore Meknes 239   FITA Development Department