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    FITA INFO Newsletter   FITA CONGRESS   Important note to our Member Associations The date for Member Associations to send their nominations to FITA positions to be published with Congress papers falls on 6 April 2007 (Good Friday followed by Easter week-end and Easter Monday). Moreover, the timeline given by FITA Constitution for Council papers and nominations to be sent to Member Associations is very short.   This is why we request our Member Associations who want to have their nominations published with Congress papers on 16 April 2007 to send the requested forms by e-mail and/or fax by 6 April 2007 the latest TO THE FITA OFFICE.  This in addition to the hard copy they send by postal mail or courier service.   The French version of the Congress documents might be sent with some weeks delay. The English version will be posted as required by our constitution on the 16 April.   We also remind that registration for proxies (4 June) and nominations for Officers Positions (3 July) is mandatory and that deadlines need to be respected. FITA WEBSITE   Success for With 9,685 visitors on 15 March 2007 during the Indoor World Championships in Izmir, has set a new record of visits on one day.   During the World Championships, the website has attracted a total of 40,863 visitors (1,601,846 pages views and 5,182,627 hits). The live scoring during the two final days has been much appreciated, too.   Over the recent months, the new FITA website has carried over the success of the World Cup Final and the Outdoor Juniors World Championships last October. It has increased its average number of visits per day to more than 3,000.   Since its launch in May 2006, the new FITA website has attracted 658,695 visitors with details as follows: Details Hits Page Views Visitors Average Visit Length Bandwidth
 (KB) Total 36,286,042 9,106,456 658,695 5 min 27 248,475,904 We have certainly surpassed this average in Marchand we hope to increase it even more with the start of the 2007 World Cup. Thank you for watching and please stay tuned! ANTI-DOPING   FITA Registered Testing Pool The FITA Registered Testing Pool is for those athletes who are required to provide whereabouts information to FITA.   It has been updated in order to take into account the results of the World Indoor Target Archery Championships 2007 and the latest updates in the World Rankings.   9 Men and 8 Women from 11 countries have then been added. They are:   Ø       Crispin DUENAS (CAN) Ø       Hui YU (CHN) Ø       Natalia SANCHEZ (COL) Ø       Jose DUO (ESP) Ø       Bérengère SCHUH (FRA) Ø       Laure BARCZYNSKI (FRA) Ø       Cyrielle DELAMARE (FRA) Ø       Sebastian Rohrberg (GER) Ø       Amadeo TONELLI (ITA) Ø       Eugenia SALVI (ITA) Ø       Paola GALLETTI (ITA) Ø       Juan Rene SERRANO (MEX) Ø       Nami HAYAKAWA (JPN) Ø       Patrizio HOFER (SUI) Ø       Shawn RICE (USA) Ø       Braden GELLENTHIEN (USA) Ø       Logan WILDE (USA)   The updated Registered Testing Pool is valid as of 1 April 2007. It can be downloaded here...   Please note that there is no change with athletes being in the Pool since January 2007: they remain in it at least until the end of the year 2007. ATHLETES COMMITTEE   Athlete Elections procedure The Role of the Athletes Committee is to:   Ø      Advise Council and the Permanent Committees on matters they, as athletes, consider as requiring urgent attention subject to article 1.17.7:   1.17.7   An Athletes’ Committee of five will bring to the attention of the relevant other Committees matters which, as athletes, they consider to require urgent attention. Members of the Athletes’ Committee will have represented their Member Association on at least one occasion during the four years before their election.   Ø      Assist Council in improving the quality of FITA competitions. Ø       Advise Council on a code of conduct for athletes. Ø       Assist the Technical Committee in the testing of new equipment or new rules.   There will 4 members of committee voted for at the World Outdoor Target Championships and 1 committee member voted for at the World Field Championships in the Olympic year.   The 4 members who are voted for at the World 0utdoor Target Championships will consist of 1 member from each of the categories; 1 Men Recurve, 1 Women Recurve, 1 Men Compound and 1 Women Compound.   There will be a no more than 3 male/female members and no less than 2 male/female members.    Term of office is 4 years.   Nominees do not have to be present at the World Outdoor Target Championships.   There will be no more than two nominations per Member Association.   Nominees must:                                     Ø      Be endorsed by a Member Association and no later than 30 days prior to the first day of the World Championships. Ø       Have represented their Member Association in the past 4 years. Ø       The working language of the committee will be English. Therefore a good command of English is highly recommended. An elected nominee not being able to communicate in English will have to arrange for a translator / interpreter at his/her own cost. Ø       Declare which category they wish to represent at the time of nomination. Ø      Be a minimum of 18 years of age at the time of election. Ø      The rules applying to all Permanent Committees as listed in article 1.16; 1.17; and 1.18 apply to the Athletes' Committee   Only Archers participating in the World Outdoor Target Championships are eligible to vote.   Voting will take place from 07:30hrs on 8 July 2007 and close at 18:00hrs on 10 July 2007.   Archers will receive voting information during Equipment Inspection.   A voting booth will be available and manned by a member of FITA staff.   There will be no proxy votes.     Each archer will vote for the representative from their category and gender, i.e. women compound archers can only vote for women compound candidates. It follows, that at the World Outdoor Target Championships there will be one male and one female committee member from each of the categories.   Archers will receive their voting slip when they go to vote at the Voting Booth and they will receive a ‘Goody Bag’ once they have cast their vote.   There will a minimum of 2 candidates per category if there is only one candidate then they have to receive more than 50% of the votes cast including abstentions from that category. If the candidate receives less than 50%, then the first non-elected candidate with the highest percentage of votes from all the other categories will be elected.   Votes will be counted by; Athlete Committee Elections Co-ordinator, a FITA Council Member, and C & R Committee or other Committee.   If there is a tie in the elections then a re-vote may be organised by the Election Committee in consultation with the tied candidates.   The results of elections will be announced at the Closing ceremony.   The final Committee member will be voted for by the archers participating at the World Field Championships during an Olympic year. The nominees for this position can be from either gender and from any category. MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS   Contact Updates   Ø       ESA / Federacion Salvadorena de Tiro con Arco - Mr Ernest Díaz Bazán has been re-elected as the President of the Archery Federation of El Salvador. Congratulations!   Ø       HUN / Hungarian Archery Association – In January 2007 the federation established the Hungarian TUE Committee. As of March, the appropriate application for Therapeutic Use Exemption by Hungarian archers must be submitted first to this committee. Contact details: Ms Monika Bárdos, Coordinator - Magyar TUE Bizottság, Istvánmezei út 1-3. II./209., H-1146 Budapest - Email: – Phone: +36-20-337-2258.   Ø       JPN / All Japan Archery Federation – The Secretary General will change from Mr Masatoshi Seki to Mr Haruo Shimada on 1st April 2007. Mr Masatoshi Seki will be the head coach of the Japan National Archery Team as of the same date.   Ø       SOM / Somali Archery Federation - Mr. Duran Farah, 1st Vice President & Head of external relations of NOC Somalia, is our only truthful contact for Somalia recommended by the IOC. He can be contacted or or We invite our members to always check with Mr. Farah the veracity of the information received from Somalia.   From left to right: Mr Duran Farah (1st Vice President NOC Somalia), Mr Jacques Rogge (IOC President) and Mr Abdullahi Ahmed Tarabi (Secretary General NOC Somalia).   Ø       THA / National Archery Association of Thailand – Mr Sanguan Kosavinta has been re-elected as the President of the National Association of Thailand. Congratulations! SKI ARCHERY   World Championships 2007 in Moscow The 8th Ski Archery World Championships were held from 4 to 8 March 2007 at the Planernayaa Sports Centre near Moscow (RUS). This event could eventually happen thanks to the outstanding efforts and hard work of the Russian Archery Federation and in particular of its President Vladimir Esheev and Secretary General Zorigto Mankhanov, the Planernaya Centre Director and her staff. Together they managed to handle the last minute relocation after the cancellation of the events in Khanty-Mansiysk one week before!   For the first time in an international Ski Archery Event, an electronic target system has been used, thus showing a great progress in the event’s presentation and results management. FITA sponsors were granted a very good exposure in the stadium.   A total of 8 countries out of the 10 announced eventually participated in the 4 event races. The discipline is still dominated by the Russian Athletes, in particular in the women’s events with great champions such as Valentina Linkova, Ekaterina Lugovkina, Olga Kozlova and Natalia Emelina. But the big surprise came from the Japanese delegation who brought back two Gold medals (Hiroyuki Urano in the Men’s Pursuit and Yamada Takuya in the Individual Race) and one Bronze (Hiroyuki Urano again in the Individual Race) from Moscow.   The performance of the Italian athlete Nadia Peyrot and the Slovenian Vid Voncina, respectively Silver Medallists in the Women’s and Men’s Mass Start Races, are also to be underlined. In addition, Nadia Peyrot (ITA) and Ivan Maradin (SLO) were awarded the Women’s and Men’s Best Archer titles in these Championships.   Full results and pictures of the competition are available here...   There is still a strong need to increase the number of participants and strengthen the appearance of a younger generation of athletes. However, the number of countries showing interest and willing to take part in international races is clearly progressing. These 2007 World Championships showed that the discipline is well alive! 2007 EVENTS   Indoor World Championships in Izmir This event was held on 13-17 March and welcomed more than 330 archers from all around the world to decide the new Indoor Archery World Champion (juniors and seniors) in the four divisions: Recurve Men, Recurve Women, Compound Men and Compound Women.   The World Championships were a tremendous success with 4 hours live television on TRT. The hall setup was magnificent and highly appreciated by all participants. All news, results and photos can be found here...

Olympic Test Event “Good Luck Beijing” Contact information:   Zhang, Xiuzhi Competition Manager, Archery 31 Xueyuanlu, Haidian - 100083 Beijing, China Phone: +86-10-66690560 - Fax: +86-10-66693137 Email: Website:   The above address, fax, email and website are only for "Good Luck Beijing" 2007 International Archery Tournament. FUTURE EVENTS   World Championships Candidatures 2010, 2011, 2012 FITA will officially open the candidatures for the World Championships to take place in 2010, 2011 and 2012 in April.   Countries interested are requested to contact the FITA Events Director (   We have received a letter of intent from France to bid for the World Outdoor Championships in 2011 in addition to the candidature by Croatia.    2008 World Cup   Ø       Archery World Cup Stage 1: Porec, Croatia - dates to be confirmed Ø       Archery World Cup Stage 2: Antalya, Turkey - 27-31 May 2008 Ø       Archery World Cup Stage 3: Boé, France - 23-29 June 2008 Ø       Archery World Cup Stage 4: place and dates to be confirmed (Americas) Ø       Archery World Cup Final: New Delhi, India - dates to be confirmed      March 2007     This Month's Headlines FITA CONGRESS ØImportant Note FITA WEBSITE ØSuccess for ANTI-DOPING ØFITA Registered Testing Pool ATHLETES COMMITTEE ØAthletes Elections Procedure MEMBER ASSOCIATIONS ØContact Updates SKI ARCHERY ØWorld Championships 2007 EVENTS ØIndoor WC in Izmir ØOlympic Test Event FUTURE EVENTS ØWorld Championships Bids Ø2008 World Cup   Sponsors& PartnersClick here... CALENDAR HIGHLIGHTSClick here... Izmir 2007 Sopron 2007 Leipzig 2007   FITA Congress 2007   Corsica 2007 Test Event 2007 Olympic Games   OTHER EVENTS    International Archery FederationMaison du Sport InternationalAvenue de Rhodanie 541007 Lausanne - SwitzerlandPhone: +41 (0)21 614 30 50Fax: +41 (0)21 614 30 55Email: info@archery.orgHow to find us?      Know someone whod like to read this newsletter? Subscribe here.
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