Field Archery

COMMITTEE DOCUMENTS BEST SCORES   Field Archery   Field World Championships   The first World Field Championships were held in 1959. However, the second championships were not held until ten years later. World Field Championships are now being held every two years.   World Games Archery at the World Games   Characteristics Shot in three divisions (compound, recurve and barebow) Marked (known) and unmarked (unknown) distances, from 5 to 60 meters, depending on the division Requires shooting uphill and downhill, often with varying positions for the feet The arrow flight differs on a given distance because of the angle of the shot, which means that the archer must know by experience how much to subtract or add when shooting up or downhill, across a gully, etc The archer needs to plan and experiment with clothing and equipment in order to be prepared for “everything” as he/she has to carry everything with him/her The target faces have six scoring zones as shown on the diagram below

  Individual Competition (World Championships)   Qualification round The Qualification round consists of two rounds of 24 targets each, one marked and one unmarked course. These targets are arranged along a course with such difficulties in aiming and shooting as the terrain presents and the spirit and traditions of the discipline require. 3 arrows per archer are shot at each target.   Elimination and Finals rounds The top sixteen competitors in each division and class move to the 1st Elimination round and shoot twelve marked targets 3 arrows per target. In the 2nd Elimination round the top eight competitors in each division and class shoot twelve marked targets 3 arrows per target.   In the Finals Round, the top four competitors in each class and division shoot two matches (semi-finals and the medal finals) each consisting of 4 marked targets. In the first match, the number one ranked competitor shoots against number four and the number two against the number three. Thereafter, the losers advance to the bronze medal match, and the winners to the gold medal match. Both matches consist of 4 marked targets. The four-minute limit is strictly applied and any arrow shot after the deadline will cause the archer’s highest scoring arrow on that target to be forfeited.   Note: Throughout the qualification, elimination and finals rounds, each competitor shoots three arrows on each target.   Team Event   Elimination round A team consists of three competitors (one from each division) seeded according to their position as determined by their total scores in the Qualification Round. During the team Elimination Round (quarter-finals), the top eight teams in each class shoot four matches of 8 marked targets each. The winners of each match will proceed to the team Finals Round in which the top four teams (semi-finals) in each class shoot two matches of 4 marked targets each. The losing teams advance to the bronze medal match and the winning teams advance to the gold medal match. Both medal matches are shot on an additional 4-marked targets.   Note: Throughout the elimination and finals round, each competitor shoots one arrow per target.