10 April 2006 - FITA at Sport Accord in Seoul

FITA at Sport Accord in Seoul

Seoul – 10 April 2006


FITA participates at the biggest sports convention of the year and takes some decisive steps. Honorary President Easton receives an award.


“By 2010, people will be able to look on Internet search engines for about 10’000 TV-Web programming. People will be able to access any sport they would like to watch. To survive, a sport must develop its identity, its branding (its competitions, look, activities, etc.) in order to keep and raise the interest of the fans in an ever increasingly competitive market.“ In substance, these are the words of sports guru Michael Payne (*) during one of the many conference panels held at Sport Accord Seoul 2006.



During the whole last week, FITA took an active part at Sport Accord in Seoul. Sport Accord is the biggest sport convention of the year within the Olympic Movement, bringing together the very top officials from the IOC, ASOIF, ANOC, GAISF (**) and others. General Assemblies, Executive Committees, working meetings and conferences all take place in one single convention. FITA was represented by its President, Dr Erdener, its Secretary General, Tom Dielen, its Event Director and its Marketing & Communication Director. During the week, FITA took many important steps, such as the election of Tom Dielen in the Executive Committee of the International World Games Association, which will reinforce the position of archery in the sports’ political world. FITA also met with representatives of the Belgrade 2009 Universiades and the Sydney 2009 Master Games to secure the place of archery. Moreover, during the GAISF General Assembly, Honorary FITA President Mr. James L. Easton was recognized with the Spirit of Sport Award. An official ceremony to remit the award to President Easton will be organized at the opening of the new FITA office in August.



Sport Accord also gives the chance for sports organizations, cities, agencies or businesses to host a booth during a three days fair. For the first time, FITA took this opportunity to promote its new World Cup, take contact with potential sponsors and gather interest from bidding cities for events. It was also the chance to showcase the current FITA sponsors at the booth such as Meteksan, Turkish Airlines, Balmain and Swiss-timing. In fact, Meteksan, and TV graphic partner MSL, co-hosted the booth in order to promote the services they are providing to FITA.



The booth attracted a big interest thanks to the display of recurve and compound bows, as well as other material lent by the company Win & Win. The visitors could appreciate what is archery all about !


Finally, the FITA Event Director took the advantage of its stay in Korea to visit two bids for the 2009 World Championships : the cities of Ulsan and Yecheon.


FITA would like to thank every one who helped made this “premiere” a big success !


Didier Miéville

FITA Communication



** ASOIF : Association of Summer Olympic International Federation

ANOC : Association of National Olympic Committees

GAISF : General Association of International Sports Federation



* Michael Payne’s new book : Olympic Turnaround, Greenwood Publishing Group