Hans-Peter WERLEN: “My first event as Technical Delegate”

  The Organizing Committee (OC) chose the same venue both for the World Championship and the Para Championship. What do you think about it? I am happy with their choice, this place is beautiful. It is a pity we had some rain in the last few days because that makes it more difficult for the para athletes to move around the field, but the OC has been working really hard to find a solution and I appreciate that. Obviously nobody can change the weather. They say we will have more rain in the next few days, but I hope Mother Nature will change her mind.   As the TD what would you change? This morning we had some trouble with the team booklet and the athletes’ lists. These things can slow down the whole competition and it is always difficult to deal with angry coaches, but the volunteers are great and are working very hard to solve problems. I am sure things will be better in the next days. We also had some problems with transport but with so many hotels and para archers we all knew it would have been difficult. Everybody here is very patient, so transport is not a big deal. You know, the difference between para and able-bodied archers is that the para archers are like a big family. They are very patient, they know that moving and helping them can be difficult, and they never complain.   This is your first experience as TD. Do you like it? Yes, I do. I am very happy! And since I get along well with Italian people I think I have been lucky to start my new adventure here. Sometimes, when things are too complicated or when I see the other coaches helping their athletes, I miss being a coach. I hope everything will be alright. People can be hard to please, but I wish the OC, the volunteers… and myself good luck!!   Dajana PICCOLO.
World Archery Communication