Successful Archery Competition at the 12th Arab Games

Successful Archery Competition at the 12th Arab Games Doha – 22 December 2011    Qatar hosted the 12th Arab Games, which took place from 9-23 December 2011. 21 Arab countries competed in 29 sports. The archery competition featured 60 archers from nine Arab countries, and spanned from the 11-15 December, 2011. Athletes competed in three categories: Recurve Women, Recurve Men and Compound Men.   
“The event has been conducted by 60 archers from Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Morocco, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The 1st participation this year has been recorded by Sudan,” said Mr. Jaber AL-HAJRI, Competition Manager.

For the first time, the results, time-keeping and sport presentation tasks for archery at the Arab Games were outsourced to two international providers. These changes reflected the improved professionalism of the event; making it an event similar to a World Archery event.

Monetary rewards were also introduced with great success at this archery competition. Cash prizes were awarded to the top four places in each division: $5000 for Gold, $3000 for Silver, $1000 each for Bronze and for fourth place. The Arab Archery organising rules recognise the top 4 archers for every distance in the qualification rounds, total qualification and finals. At these Arab Games, the archery competition therefore recognised 19 sub-events for which performance was rewarded.

“One of the most interesting coincidences is that Qatar compound men team includes Ahmed AL-ABADI (the father) and his son Abdulaziz. Abdulaziz AL-ABADI won the gold medal for compound men individual and Qatar compound men team won the bronze medal (3rd place). The father was so happy and proud of his son,” added Mr. Jaber AL-HAJRI.

For more information about the tournament and results, please visit the World Archery homepage.

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