Quotes of second day of eliminations

Recurve Men Standing   Comments from Eric BENNETT (USA) after winning his recurve standing last-eight elimination match against Joel PERROT (FRA) 9-6 in a shoot-off.   Eric BENNET (USA) On beating Joel PERROT (FRA):
"I was hoping it wouldn't go to a one-arrow shoot-out, when I was leading the set 5-1. He shot much better than me in the middle of the sets. I haven't met him before but he was a tough competitor." On the quarterfinals:
"As for my progress, I shall be shooting to the best of my ability in the quarterfinals. I know that if I shoot as well as I can, I can do very well." On his next opponent Oguzhan POLAT (TUR):
"I haven't met my next round opponent before and I think that's an advantage. Sometimes it's better not to know your opponent's strengths."   Comments from Oguzhan POLAT (TUR) and Phil BOTTOMLEY (GBR) after POLAT beat BOTTOMLEY in their men's recurve standing last-eight elimination.   Oguzhan POLAT (TUR) On beating BOTTOMLEY:
"I needed him to get five for me to win but I felt bad for him when he shot a one (with his final arrow). BOTTOMLEY helped me get through so it's thanks to him. I felt pressure shooting against him and against a home crowd."   Phil BOTTOMLEY (GBR) On scoring one with his final arrow to go out of the competition:
"Everything was fine. Honestly, I wasn't under any pressure. All I had to do was seven or higher. I was just off timing and it can cost you." On exiting the individual competition:
"I'm not disappointed, it's my first Paralympic Games. Representing Great Britain is an honour and a pleasure. I'd like to thank UK Sport for their sponsorship to get me where I am now."   Comments from Sakon INKAEW (THA) after beating Imrich LYOCSA (SVK) 6-0 in their men's recurve standing last-16 elimination match.   Sakon INKAEW (THA) On how shooting in the cold affects his performance:
"I've never shot in the cold and wind before. In Thailand, it's usually 30 or 40 degrees. My movements can be too slow (in the cold), affecting my control of the arrow." On facing his last-eight elimination match opponent Mikhail OYUN (RUS) in the next round:
"It won't be difficult for me."   Comments from Zafer KORKMAZ (TUR) who beat Kenny ALLEN (GBR) in their women's recurve standing last-eight elimination match at the Royal Artillery Barracks on Saturday.   Zafer KORKMAZ (TUR) On the match:
"I felt more pressure (than in his previous match), it's more difficult against the home team but I believed I could do it." On his motivation for the competition:
"Every round I pass I dedicate to the fallen soldiers of Turkey (he is a veteran)." On facing Oleg SHESTAKOV in the quarterfinals on Sunday:
"I'm going out with the same mentality and hopefully I will win."   Kenny ALLEN (GBR) On why he lost:
"The pressure probably got to me a bit being my first Paralympics. It's a bit different in there (the finals range) than it is out there (ranking range), where I can just shoot away with no one watching." On his competition performance:
"At the end of the day, I'm walking away with a Paralympic record in my pocket (ALLEN shot 651 from 72 arrows in the ranking round) so I'm not going to throw teacups or have a football manager-syle hissy fit, and we've still got the team event to come in three days' time so it isn't all over yet."     Recurve Men W1 and W2   Comments from Osmo KINNUNEN and Jean-Pierre ANTONIOS (FIN) after KINNUNEN beat ANTONIOS in their men's recurve W2/W2 quarterfinal.   Osmo KINNUNEN (FIN) On the match:
"It was a great match. I'm world champion, he's (Jean-Pierre ANTONIOS, FIN) European champion. It's always very close and it has been for 10 years, but today was my turn." On his state of mind before the match:
"I woke up this morning and I thought, 'Today is my day'. Luckily I didn't share the same room as ANTONIOS so I was relaxed all through." On his coach Kyosti LAASONEN (FIN):
"He's a great archer himself; he knows everything. Together we've won 10 big medals and he shares in my pride." On next opponent, David DRAHONINKY (CZE):
"I'm against the Czech DRAHONINSKY. I beat him last year in the worlds (2011 para world championships in Turin) and I feel that I can do it again."   Jean-Pierre ANTONIO (FIN) On losing to teammate Osmo KINNUNEN (FIN):
"It was a close match at every level. We train together, we do everything together. I can say that we are even. I was shaking, I should have been better with the bow hand. I should have pushed a bit firmer." On support from his family:
"My wife and child were in the stands. They had everything Finnish on them. A Finnish finish (laughs)."   Comments from Oscar DE PELLEGRIN (ITA) and LEE Myeong-Gu (KOR) after DE PELLEGRIN had beaten LEE 6-4 in their men's recurve W2/W2 quarterfinal.   Oscar DE PELLEGRIN (ITA) On his performance:
"I didn't start well. I was a bit nervous because I knew him (LEE Myeong-Gu). We have already competed twice against each other and won one match each." On the longstanding support of his family:
"I want to thank my family, who are at home watching me because they have supported me during my 25-year career."   LEE Myeong-Gu (KOR) On nerves getting the better of him:
"I was very nervous and my body just froze up. I was good physically but, as I get closer to the finals, it's the nerves that take hold." On the men's team event on Wednesday, 5 September:
"With this (loss) behind me, now I've got to learn from my mistakes and work harder for a good result for the team."   Comments from TSENG Lung HUI (TPE) and Paul BROWNE (GBR) after TSENG defeated BROWNE in their men's recurve W1/W2 quarterfinal.   TSENG Lung HUI (TPE) On coming back from two sets down:
"I needed to be at my best to come back and win after I made a very poor start. The wind was difficult but didn't really play a part, it was my shooting (that was the problem). I can't explain why I shot badly in the first two sets, but I knew I had to improve or I would be out." On his ambition for the rest of the competition:
"A gold medal is now my aim. It would lift the whole performance of the Chinese Taipei team, as we only have three archers at the (Paralympic) Games."   Paul BROWNE (GBR) On TSENG's first arrow of the final set going to a judge's decision on whether it scored nine or 10. It was upgraded to 10 at the end of the set:
"I thought I'd won it (the set). I suppose the old nerves got to me. I didn't expect to win the first two sets that easily. When you are ahead, somehow it can get to you. If I'd maintained the standard I'd shot in the first two ends I could have taken him. I put in a good performance, I'm really pleased to have got to the quarterfinals (bettering his Beijing 2008 performance)." On the team event on Wednesday, 5 September:
"I'll get a second bite of the cherry and we're number one in the rankings (GBR team)."   Comments from Hasihin SANAWI (MAS) and Young Joo JUNG (KOR) after SANAWI beat JUNG 6-4 in their men's recurve W1/W2 quarterfinal.   Hasihin SANAWI (MAS) On making it to the semifinal stage and inspiring his teammates:
"I am surprised but delighted to be in the semifinal and will do my very best. We (Malaysia) have three archers here at the London Games and I am the first to reach a semifinal and I hope it inspires my teammates." On being a relatively unknown archer:
"I think my form is not known at these Games, as I only compete in Asia and I only took up the sport two years ago." On his aim for the rest of the competition:
"A gold medal is my aim, to take home to Kuala Lumpur."   JUNG Young Joo (KOR) On losing to SANAWI:
"A poor result. I feel I haven't repaid those who have been supporting me. On my last shot, which was only a one (point), I just lost my balance. I was hoping for the final but that ruined it for me." On the team competition on Wednesday 5 September:
"I'm going to do my very best now to help us get a team medal."   Recurve Women Standing   Comments from Sharon VENNARD (GBR) after winning her recurve standing last-eight elimination match against Oyun-Erdene BUYANJARGAL (MGL) 6-2.   Sharon VENNARD (GBR) On winning the match:
"I'm shaking like a leaf. That last arrow was probably the hardest arrow I have shot in my life." On the crowd and support:
"It's such a buzz to know the whole crowd is wanting me to do well. I was actually able to pick out friends and family." On her husband's reaction to the win:
"He was more nervous than I was. If I win a medal, I think it will be a carry-out job (he will pass out)."   Comments from Lee FORD (USA) after losing her recurve standing last-eight elimination match to YAN Huilian (CHN).   Lee FORD (USA) On losing the match after the shot clock was stopped in error in the second set:
"It's disappointing, especially with the debacle when the shot clock went off and I still had 20 seconds to shoot (the clock was stopped and the changeover bell sounded). Then I had a flash (from a camera) in my face." "I don't know what happened. I had 20 seonds left and then the buzzers went off, and I could see people's heads popping up (to remove the arrows from the targets) and I wasn't about to shoot somebody in the back of the head." "I was really pleased with the way I held my cool with the one shot after the shot clock issue." On scoring just three points with her last arrow:
"I think it all just kind of piled up on me in the end, with everything that had gone on."   Comments from Magali COMTE (SUI) after winning her last-eight elimination recurve standing match against Razieh SHIR MOHAMMADI (IRI).   Magali COMTE (SUI) On hearing the cowbells, rung by the crowd:
"It was nice because it was my friends, people from back in my archery club in Geneva." On her performance:
"It went very poorly (she scored only 21 in her second set). The first (elimination) round is very tense, but I'm through that now, and things will be better."   Comments from Lee FORD (USA) and Katharina SCHETT (GER) after FORD defeated SCHETT in their women's recurve standing last-16 elimination match.   Lee FORD (USA) On winning the shoot-off in the final set:
"I've got nerves of steel, all because of my 15-year-old daughter. Teenagers are not easy to look after, that's what gives me my nerves of steel. She's at home in Perry, Georgia, watching on the internet. Unfortunately, shoot-offs are my speciality. My coach (Jim WHITE, USA) hates it but I nearly always win them." On her opponent Katharina SCHETT (GER):
"Katharina is a really good shooter and I just managed to come back in the end."   Katharina SCHETT (GER) On why she shot only 13 points in her third set:
"I don't know why. I have to watch and analyse it but, in the end, I shot with my heart and that is all I can do."   Comments from Leigh WALMSLEY (GBR) after winning her recurve standing last-16 elimination match.   Leigh WALMSLEY (GBR) On the disqualification of Zahra JAVANMARD's (IRI) last arrow of the final set:
"The Iranian archer (JAVANMARD) ran out of time, so her last arrow didn't count. Even my coach didn't realise but that's elite sport, isn't it?" On the mood in the Great Britain camp:
"We had some people who weren't expected to go out (on Friday). Despite that, it's a home (Paralympic) Games and people are using the experience to move forward." On the shock exit of John STUBBS (GBR) on Friday:
"John was philosphical last night. He doesn't need to cry on anyone's shoulder." Comments from Brigitte DUBOC (FRA) after beating Grazyna WOJCIECHOWSKA (POL) in their women's recurve standing last-16 elimination match at the Royal Artillery Barracks on Saturday.   Brigitte DUBOC (FRA) On her performance:
"I started off badly because I was too stressed and my first arrows were terrible but then, thank goodness, I just got better and better as the match went on." On facing Beijing 2008 silver medallist GAO Fangxia (CHN) in the next round:
"I'm now going to be up against the Chinese No.1 (GAO was first in Thursday's ranking round), but I feel good and everything is possible."   Recurve Women W1/W2   Comments from Elizabetta MIJNO (ITA) after beating Ozlem Hacer KALAY (TUR) in their women's recurve W1/W2 quarterfinal.   Elisabetta MIJNO (ITA) On her performance and her hopes of a medal:
"It's been a fantastic day and I'm really happy to be in the semifinal. For that I thank my coaches of the Italian federation and my family back in Torino, especially my little sister for whom I want to win a medal. I am very happy with the way I shot, I felt I shot a lot better than I did yesterday (in Friday's elimination round)."   Comments from Marketa SIDCOVA (CZE) after losing her recurve W1/W2 quarterfinal to LI Jinzhi (CHN).   Marketa SIDKOVA (CZE) On visibly shaking during the match:
"I was weak and, from time to time, more nervous. I could hear the score of my competitor and maybe it was too strong for me (mentally too hard to deal with). I must concentrate on myself and I must improve some of me; I am too risk averse." On the difference between her performance in ranking and elimination rounds:
"In qualifying you feel freedom but, shooting arrows on the finals range, you feel trapped and can't breathe." On her new coach Jiri VORACEK (CZE):
"Since the beginning of August, I started work with my new coach. We were talking and I found that it was really great for me and I want to cooperate with him and work with him (in the future)."   Compound Men W1    Comments from Jeff FABRY (USA) and John CAVANAGH (GBR) after FABRY beat CAVANAGH 7-1 in their men's compound W1 quarterfinal.   John CAVANAGH (GBR) On losing to Jeff FABRY (USA):
"I'm pleased for Jeff. He's been shooting so well for so many years. I guess it's his time. It was a good match and I shot well." On the crowd:
"It's great fun. To have spectators is something we only get every four years. I hope we put on a good show for them."   Jeff FABRY (USA) On beating Paralympic champion John CAVANAGH (GBR):
"I'm very pleased with my performance and to be in the semifinals. It's always hard against John CAVANAGH and I owed him one. He beat me at Beijing (2008) and Athens (2004) and I had to settle for the bronze match both times, so I came in today determined for it to be a different result." On his chances in the semifinals:
"I don't know about my prospects in the semifinals, it's just a question of who goes out there and performs the best, but it would be nice to take gold after two bronzes."   Comments from Norbert MURPHY (CAN) and Peter KINIK (SVK) after MURPHY beat KINIK 6-0 in their men's compound W1 quarterfinal.   Norbert MURPHY (CAN) On his performance:
"I shot really, really well today." On whether the sudden increase in wind strength affected his performance:
"No, wind doesn't bother me. I shoot better in the wind anyway." On his future opponents:
"As ever, I don't care who I shoot against, shooting well, feeling good, can't wait."   Peter KINIK (SVK) On his performance:
I'm desperately disappointed. It's my worst performance for a very long time. I can't remember when I shot so badly (he lost in three straight sets)." "I didn't handle it psychologically. It's my first Paralympic Games and I have never shot in front of such a crowd. The pressure got to me." "It's my only event at the Games and the sooner I get home, the better. I'm devastated."   Source: PNS Edited by World Archery Communication