Registration opens for The Vegas Shoot in 2020 – last stage of Indoor World Series

16 August 2019
Las Vegas, USA
The 2020 Indoor Archery World Series starts with the Macau Open in November 2019.

Registration is now open for The Vegas Shoot in 2020, which will take place on 7-9 February in the Southpoint Hotel in Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The event is also the last stage of the Indoor Archery World Series and hosts the circuit finals.

Entries are accepted through the official website.

The Vegas Shoot is the largest indoor archery tournament in the world and attracted a record 3767 competitors in 2019. The competition consists of three days of 30 arrows, shot on a single or triangular triple-spot.

Perfect 900-point shooters in the championship divisions (professional) progress to a shootdown for the biggest purses at the end of the third day. There are also amateur flight categories that award cash prizes to a large percentage of the field.

The first two days of The Vegas Shoot, a total of 60 arrows, also count as the last stage of the Indoor Archery World Series.

The 16 top-ranked archers in each of the four primary competition categories are invited to take part in the Indoor Archery World Series Finals held in the evening of the second day. (Saturday 8 February in 2020.) The gold medal matches are held live in the arena for spectators and streamed online.

This upcoming season’s Indoor Archery World Series sees six events take place in Macau, Luxembourg, Rome, Sydney, Nimes and Vegas.

Registration for Macau and Luxembourg are open through the World Archery extranet. Entries for Vegas are being accepted through the official website of The Vegas Shoot. The Nimes Tournament will begin accepting registrations on 15 September 2019.

Rome and Sydney are expected to open soon.

World Archery is also already accepting registrations for the 2020 Indoor Archery World Series team competition – which is held for mixed-gender recurve or compound squads representing clubs, companies, countries or just a group of friends.

Indoor World Series calendar

*The first two days of The Vegas Shoot act as the stage of the Indoor Archery World Series.

The Indoor Archery World Series is a collection of mass-participation and elite tournaments held in destination cities around the world.