World Cup Champs Lopez, Elmaagacli into Shanghai finals

Sara Lopez won her second Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in a row in 2015, Demir Elmaagacli his first.

Both kicked off the 2016 season in the same vein, qualifying for the individual compound gold medal matches at stage one in Shanghai, China.

After qualifying first, Sara dispatched Fatin Mat Salleh, World Archery Field Champion Toja Cerne and Jeanine van Kradenburg with consecutive 148-point matches. In the semis, against Seol Dayeong, she went one better – 149 – for a three-point win and a ticket to the final.

“I shot really good matches. I was really close to the 150 but I made a little mistake,” said Lopez. “I’m really happy with the results and I can’t wait to repeat what we did last year, what we did with the mixed teams and my individual.”

Sara won gold in both events in Shanghai in 2015. She’s into both finals again in ’16.

“I felt the pressure of last year but right now I’m feeling stronger than ever. I feel like my teammates were with me all the time, and we’re working really well to make our country proud.”

Sara faces Sarah Sonnichsen in the Shanghai final.

While Lopez had already made her mark on the international archery scene prior to last year, winning the world tour in Lausanne in 2014, the Mexico City final was something of an arrival party for Demir.

He had, in fact, never climbed the individual podium at the senior level prior to Mexico City, in 2015, when he won the circuit crown. His one and only finals appearance came in 2014, when he finished fourth in Shanghai.

“The medal last year was just the beginning,” said Elmaagacli. “There are many more to come.”

Turkey’s world number seven beat the Netherlands’ Peter Elzinga with a perfect 150 in the semifinal to win his gold medal match berth. His opponent in the final, also Dutch, also shot a 150 in his semi.

Mike Schloesser’s week in Shanghai has been sublime.

He broke the world record in qualifying, setting it at 717 out of 720 points. He then proceeded to post a 149-point average in his four matches to make his way through the matchplay brackets.

Elzinga faces 44th seed Michael Brosnan from Australia in the Shanghai compound bronze final, while Seol Dayeong and Linda Ochoa-Anderson face-off in the women’s third-fourth place decider.