Visually impaired archers invited to international tournament in France

The French city’s inaugural International Visually Impaired Archery Tournament is scheduled for 27/28 February 2016.

It is an opportunity for new international visually impaired athletes to become officially classified and for archers in the discipline to compete at the highest level in preparation for the upcoming European Para Archery Championships.

That continental event will also be held in France, in Saint Jean de Monts, on 3-10 April 2016.

The tournament in Saint Herblain will include 30- and 18-metre indoor competitions – and the first chance to claim world records in these events.

Visually impaired archery made its return to international para archery competition at the World Archery Para Championships in Donaueschingen in 2015. That tournament saw visually impaired athletes shoot in a head-to-head finals arena for the first time.

Classification at the event will be available at two levels. “Permanent” status will apply at all international para archery events, while “reviewable” status will apply over a fixed period determined by the classifiers.

Registration is open until 26 January 2016. Contact the organisers for more information.