Quotes of the team eliminations

  Compound Men   Jorge JIMENEZ (ESA) It is one more team bronze medal at a World Cup. We have now three of them, plus the one from the Ulsan World Championships. We are also 3rd in the World Ranking list. Sot we are working hard and it pays off.   The Hit/Miss targets are not easy, more difficult than I thought. It’s fun and interesting, but we need to get used to it. We didn’t practice much on these targets, because we trained for the Central Caribeean Games where we shot a FITA Round. By the way, we got a team gold there, too!   Compound Women   Jamie VAN NATTA (USA) It will take some times to adjust to it. I think the more we shoot the Compound Round, the better it will be. As soons as there is any wind, any kind of weather, it makes it much harder because the margin for error is so slim. We are thrilled to play Canada for a World Cup gold medal match on home soil on Saturday! They have three good shooters, but if we shoot all well, we are confident that we can get a win.   Diane WATSON (USA) Hit/Miss is always a challenge. It’s a challenge technically and also mentally. As a team, we shot better than we did at the last World Cup stage in Antalya. This is “everything” shooting for gold on home soil on Saturday. Especially for me who is a bit the rookie in the team!   Cassie Mc Call (AUS) This is good preparation for the Commonwealth Games. We are happy that we won the bronze against New Zealand. The Hit/Miss format is interesting; it gives less margin for errors. We actually did not practice it much, because the other World Cup and the Commonwealth Games will be shot at 70 metre with the traditional target.   Rebecca DARBY (AUS) I like the Hit/Miss target because it’s challenging. It is a bit more frustrating, but also more sweet when you hit it!   Didier MIEVILLE / Dean ALBERGA World Archery Communication